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Quick Start

Step 1: Download script

wget -O  && chmod 755

Step 2: Install Ant Media Server

Install Enterprise Edition

sudo ./ -l 'your-license-key'

Install Community Edition

sudo ./

Install a specific version


For more installation options check the help ./ -h.

Fast, easy installation on Cloud Marketplace

Video tutorial of AWS marketplace installation
Video tutorial of Azure marketplace installation

Step 3: Configure SSL

Free sub domain

cd /usr/local/antmedia/ && sudo ./

Custom domain name

cd /usr/local/antmedia/ && sudo ./ -d

Step 4: Login to the Web Panel

Navigate to https://ant-media-server:5443 and create the first user account.

Step 5: Publishing and Playing WebRTC Live Streams

Publishing a Live Stream

You can quickly publish a WebRTC live stream from a sample page that's available at https://domain-name:5443/LiveApp.

Playing a Live Stream

Then playback the WebRTC live stream from another sample page available at https://domain-name:5443/LiveApp/player.html.

Sample Tools and Applications

Access sample tools and applications here https://ant-media-server:5443/LiveApp/samples.html.

  • Multitrack conferencing
  • WebRTC Test Tool
  • DeepAR affects

Below is an example of DeepAR.

Getting Help

If you need any help, feel free to head over to Github discussions or follow our more detailed guide, Installing Ant Media Server on Linux.

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