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MojoHost is a well-known managed hosting provider with a history spanning over two decades. It holds 65 hosting and business excellence awards and has maintained an impeccable reputation for the quality of service and customer satisfaction. With its focus on high-load, media-rich, and live-streaming environments, it is a perfect fit as a partner for Ant Media Server solutions. 

MojoHost has garnered customers seeking to supplant bloated DevOps and Sysadmin teams with a 24/7, reliable, fully managed service. Today, the web host serves 1,500 customers and keeps nearly 100,000 websites online. MojoHost strives to provide high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy hosting, from high-end infrastructure to attentive support, enhanced networking, and rock-solid security.

Since its inception in 1999, MojoHost has worked diligently to offer more than generic hosting solutions. With client businesses ranging in size from new startups to established brands, each customer has their own set of unique needs. MojoHost’s customers enjoy guaranteed uptime on its premium, high-performance bandwidth using Noction routing improvement technology. The hosting solutions exceed expectations while scaling seamlessly into the future. Most importantly, clients are happy, and their digital assets have a safe and cozy home. That’s what the company’s “Good Mojo” mantra is all about.

What was the problem you were facing and trying to solve?

Numerous customers utilize MojoHost for live streaming and benefit from the team’s continuous efforts to improve video quality and the constant demand for less latency. With the rise of creator platforms, many MojoHost customers who traditionally interacted in the video-on-demand (VOD) format have decided to explore options of offering live streaming.

vod streaming with Ant Media and MojoHost

No interactive live streaming solution can survive with more than a 10-second delay between broadcaster and audience, making low latency the most critical factor for a superior streaming experience.

As MojoHost’s customers continue to express a demand for solutions that allow for ultra-low latency WebRTC and HLS live streams, the pre-configured, streamlined option of utilizing Ant Media Server is an increasingly relevant solution for them.

What possible solutions did you consider, and why did you choose Ant Media Server? 

MojoHost initiated conversations with many transcoding solutions and live streaming providers such as Wowza, Mist Server, CeeBlue, and many others to aid its customers in achieving their architectural goals.  While all have their merits, Ant Media Server possessed a unique combination of usability, friendly and responsive support, affordable rate, and straightforward implementation. That is why it became the recommended solution. 

How have you benefited from using Ant Media Server? 

A pre-configured Ant Media Server live-streaming solution is valuable to MojoHost’s customers and benefits everyone involved. The necessity to test, configure and implement transcoding and the live streaming solution is eliminated, saving time and money.

What are your aspirations moving forward?

video streaming with Ant Media & MojoHost

A number of MojoHost customers decided to explore Ant Media Server and some active installations are already live. At this time, some of MojoHost’s more prominent customers are actively testing Ant Media Server. When the testing is successful, this will increase cooperation between Ant Media Server and MojoHost. The expectation is that more companies will decide to abandon their old live streaming solutions for Ant Media Server. They will continue to stand out significantly in their respective field, generating even more interest for the revolutionary ultra-low latency solution.

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