Shadow Box Solutions

Shadow Box Solutions delivers turnkey communications interoperability products, providing mobile solutions that bridge voice, video, and data networks to improve communications, mapping, and situational awareness for better decision making across all levels of government.

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Shadow Box Solutions produces a variety of highly rugged, mobile communications devices to increase situational awareness.

Its Alpha product, a mobile Toc-in-a-Box, features a high end compact server that supports over 200 users with situational awareness, chat, ROIP/VOIP, video, and data sharing. The Alpha is contained in a portable, durable package suitable for static installation or on the move applications, featuring 100 simultaneous audio streams and can connect up to four external radios and push to talk voice integrated into an Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) interface.

The Shadow Box Bravo is a mobile video encoder that, in conjunction with the Alpha, securely transmits encrypted video from a variety of analog and digital sources across the globe to build situational awareness and enhance decision making capabilities, safety, and mission effectiveness.

The Shadow Box Charlie, MUOS TAK Server, turns your point-to-point MUOS satellite connection into a situational awareness powerhouse, allowing for numerous MUOS users to share Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) data across the globe. With the Shadow Box Charlie, your MUOS connection becomes a point-to-net capability, expanding communications to larger user groups for sharing voice and data through TAK for enhanced secure situational awareness.

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