WebRTC Samples > WebRTC Data Channel Only

The goal of this sample is to let you experience real-time text data transfers using WebRTC with Ant Media Server.

  1. Click “Join Channel” button below.
  2. Click “Join Channel in a New Tab” that should automatically appear right above. Click “Join Channel” on this page to get connected as the second user to the same channel. 
  3. Write your message and click “Send” if you’re done.
  4. Go back to your original tab. You’ll see the received message in your text area. Send out a message back and you will see it as “Sent” in this tab and as “Received” in a new one. 

      How to create a data only streaming service like that?

      Do you want to create a WebRTC streaming service or simply WebRTC data transferring features into your existing products? 

      For developers:  Re-use source code by clicking on “View Source on Github”. Make sure to check out our documentationYoutube tutorials and Github discussionsStart your 30-day trial today!

      For non-technical people:  If you don’t know how to code, please use our AWS Streaming Wizard. This is our tool that we create a streaming service at scale for you. It means that your streaming service will be set up to automatically scales its infrastructure up in response to increased viewer demand, ensuring optimal performance during peak times. Conversely, it can scale down efficiently during periods of lower demand, allowing for cost savings.

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